Application For Membership

General Information

All individuals and firms practicing engineering in the Yukon are required to be licensed by Engineers Yukon in adherence to the Engineering Profession Act of the Yukon. 

The guidelines and requirements for membership are set out in the Engineering Profession Act, Regulations, Code of Ethics, and Bylaws. Applications for membership with Engineers Yukon processed the quickest would be from an applicant who is already registered in good standing as an Engineer with another Provincial/Territorial association.

To become licensed as a Professional Member you must have the following requirements:

  • Post-secondary education: An undergraduate degree from a recognized accredited engineering program or equivalent is required.
  • Experience: To become a member, you will require four years on-the-job work experience under the supervision of a licensed professional, including at least one year of equivalent Canadian experience.
  • Character: You must be of good character and reputation. Good character connotes moral and ethical strength and includes integrity, candor, honesty and trustworthiness. Character is what a person is, while reputation is what others believe that person to be. All Engineers Yukon members are held accountable to the Code of Ethics that governs the way an individual practices their profession.
  • Knowledge of Law and Ethics: You must demonstrate knowledge of law, professionalism, and ethics. This may be accomplished by passing the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE).
  • English Language Competency: You must be competent in the English Language and must be able to effectively communicate at an effective level.

All applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee. Applicants not currently registered in another Canadian Association/Ordre are required to pay an Examination of Credentials fee included in the first time applicant application fee. Please note: Annual dues and stamp fee payment will be payable upon notification of acceptance and cannot be included with any application fee payment.

The Benefits of Membership

Membership with Engineers Yukon denotes that you have acquired the knowledge, skills, work experience and depth of moral character necessary to be granted professional status. It is a privilege not to be taken lightly. Your professional designation is an exclusive title that allows you to practice engineering in Yukon.

Engineers Yukon’s strength is in its membership. In adhering to this philosophy, services are designed to enhance professional and personal development. Meetings, workshops, achievement awards, and other programs are provided for this purpose. Members may also participate in sponsored group auto and homeowner insurance, life and liability insurance, registered retirement savings plans, extended health care, travel medical insurance, small business insurance and auto purchase/lease plans.

How to Register

Mobility Applicants

A Mobility Applicant is a Professional Engineer or Limited License holder who is applying for professional status with Engineers Yukon and is already registered and in good standing in another Canadian jurisdiction(s). The mobility process is simpler and quicker than starting a new registration process approval is normally granted within 30 days by Engineers Yukon upon receipt and successful review of the application.

All Mobility Applications must include:

Further to the registration of individuals, the governing legislation in the Yukon also requires that firms must have a Permit to Practice if they are practicing professional engineering in the Yukon.  If you are practicing professional engineering on behalf of a firm, the firm is considered to be practicing and must have a Permit to Practice.  Please note: if you are a sole proprietor you are still required to have a Permit to Practice however the annual fee is waived.

First Time P. Eng. and L.L.(Eng.) applicants not registered in another Canadian jurisdiction

Engineers Yukon accepts applications for first Canadian registration. These are reviewed on our behalf by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA). Please refer to the first time applicant information guide for complete details on this process and how to begin your application. Depending on your qualifications, exams may be required. These can be administered in Whitehorse with the cooperation of APEGA and our office. All First time P.Eng. and L.L. (Eng.) applicants will be required to write and pass the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE). For more information on writing the National Professional Practice Examination please visit our website at

Therefore in order to apply an applicant must first complete the Pre-Application for First Time Registration form and submit it to Engineers Yukon. This form is to collect preliminary applicant information for the Engineers Yukon office only. You will still be required to complete the full application process through APEGA’s online application system.

In addition to the Pre-Application for First Time Registration form, you must submit the following to Engineers Yukon:

  • a copy of current government issued photo I.D.
  • the application fee payment

Engineers Yukon will then provide the applicant with a verification code that he/she will enter into APEGA’s online application system in order to complete the full application process. The verification code will allow the applicant to submit an application without payment to APEGA.

Professional Engineer Applicant – P.Eng.

Professional Engineer applicants must have a confirmed degree in engineering from a university program which is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (or is a graduate of a program which the Board of Examiners judges to be equivalent or have written assigned technical exams) and at least four years of acceptable experience (minimum one year in Canada) working under a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) who will verify their experience.

Limited License Applicant – L.L. (Eng.)

As a Limited License holder, you are licensed to independently practice engineering in Yukon within a clearly defined scope of practice. To become Limited Licensee holder you must have a science degree in a discipline and from a university program approved by the Board of Examiners (or registration as an applied science technologist with a degree or diploma in engineering technology from an institution approved by the Board of Examiners or other academic qualifications acceptable to the Board of Examiners) and eight years of experience carrying out engineering work satisfactory to the Board of Examiners at least two of which shall have been in the area to which the limited license is to apply.

Engineer-in-Training Applicant – E.I.T.

Engineers in Training applicants are generally young engineers who have recently graduated or engineers who are currently working on gaining required experience. Applicants with an accredited Engineering Degree and less than four years engineering experience may apply as an Engineer-in-Training in Yukon. Academic qualifications will be assessed on our behalf by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA). An E.I.T. can practice engineering in Yukon and gain the experience required for licensure as a P.Eng. as long as he or she is working under the supervision and control of a licensed Professional Member.

Member Fees (to be paid upon approval)

Professional Member $304.50
P.Eng. stamp $50.00
NSPLI * $10.50
Limited License Holder $304.50
L.L. (Eng.) stamp $50.00
NSPLI * $10.50
Engineer in Training $89.25
NSPLI * $10.50
All fees include GST.

Engineers Yukon accepts Visa and Mastercard Credit Card payments. To pay by credit card, please fill in the applicable credit card authorization form. This form can be either be scanned and emailed with a cover letter marked confidential, or mailed to the Engineers Yukon office.

National Secondary Professional Liability Insurance *

Engineers Yukon members have the extra protection of the  National Secondary Professional Liability Insurance Program,. This program is mandatory for all members, unless proof of registration by another Canadian Association can be produced.

Member List

Members in good standing will be published on the Membership List web page of Engineers Yukon’s website.

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