The Engineering Profession Ordinance was assented to on April 1st, 1955 by W. G. Brown, Commissioner of the Yukon Territory. With its passage, the Association of Professional Engineers of the Yukon Territory (APEYT) was constituted. At the end of 1956, APEYT had 15 members:

John Livingstone PhelpsEdward Owen GreeningHerbert Wainwright Love
Malcom Corsan Sutherland-BrownThomas Henry NewtonJohn Delbert Scott
Kenneth James BakerJohn L. DarimontJohn Louden Motherwell
Arthur Barry YatesCyprian Douglas Neufville TaylorMacLeod White
Michael Garrod ElstonClarence Edward WhiteRobert Greer Armstrong

In 1995, the Ordinance was replaced with the Engineering Profession Act and the association became the Association of Profession Engineers of Yukon (APEY).

In 2011, APEY Council created a Task Force to research and document the history of engineering in Yukon and to identify engineers that are prominent in this history.

Early Yukon Engineering Projects

Prominent Yukon Engineers

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