About Engineers Yukon

Engineers Yukon is the operating name of the Association of Professional Engineers of Yukon. Engineers Yukon is a self-governing body of Professional Engineers that regulates and governs the engineering profession in Yukon under the authority of the Engineering Profession Act.

This is achieved by setting and maintaining high academic, experience, and professional practice standards for all members.

Only individuals licensed by Engineers Yukon are permitted by law to undertake and assume responsibility for engineering projects in Yukon.

In addition, the Engineering Profession Act requires that all partnerships, corporations, and other such entities, which practice engineering have a Permit to Practice regardless of their size or whether the organization is practicing for internal or external reasons.


Engineers Yukon will demonstrate vital leadership in safeguarding Yukon through the self-regulation of engineers and engineering service providers.


To serve the public interest through the effective regulation and support of the practice of engineering in Yukon.


Public Interest: to hold the serving and protection of the public interest as paramount

Professionalism: to support skilled and ethical practice of engineering service delivery in Yukon

Accountability: to operate through processes that are fair, impartial, and accountable to members, staff, and the public

Relevance: to ensure services offered by Engineers Yukon are valued by members and support their engagement

Quality: to support the continuous improvement of the quality of engineering service delivery in Yukon

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