Permit to Practice Holders

Permit to Practice Holders as of July 12, 2024

Permit No. Organization Name Current Membership Type Membership Status
PP870 1023428 B.C. Ltd. P2P Active
PP660 11501011 Canada Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP804 13248101 Canada Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP414 14899 Yukon Inc. O/A Castle Rock Enterprises P2P Active
PP323 32884 Yukon Inc o/a Chuck Austin Engineering P2P-SoleP Active
PP318 34028 Yukon Inc. o/a Tech-Con Engineering Services P2P-SoleP Active
PP189 42256 Yukon Inc DBA CAP Engineering P2P Active
PP262 689009 B.C. Ltd. d.b.a. Protection Engineering P2P Active
PP924 728401 Ontario Limited O/A Delta Engineering Services P2P Active
PP445 836971 Yukon Inc o/a Greenwood Engineering Solutions P2P Active
PP798 838825 Yukon Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP504 9065113 Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP929 A. H. Roy & Associates Limited P2P Active
PP919 A3 Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP923 ABLE Engineering Services Inc. P2P Active
PP328 Above Ground Engineering, Proprietorship P2P-SoleP Active
PP921 AC Designs Solutions Inc. P2P Active
PP765 Acacia Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP683 Action Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP288 ADB Structural Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP880 ADEPT Engineering Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP196 AECOM Canada Ltd. P2P Active
PP618 AES Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP345 Alan Towers Engineering Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP860 Albarrie GeoComposites Limited P2P Active
PP750 Alexco Rescource Corp. P2P Active
PP129 Alfrey Engineering Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP779 Algonquin Bridge Limited P2P Active
PP900 Alietum Ice Inc. P2P Active
PP123 Allnorth Consultants Limited P2P Active
PP105 All-Span Engineering and Construction Ltd. P2P Active
PP882 Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP844 AM2 Geotechnical Inc. P2P Active
PP682 AMC Mining Consultants (Canada) Ltd. P2P Active
PP878 Andritz Ltd./Andritz Ltee. P2P Active
PP845 Anvil Consulting Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP788 AP Dynamics Inc. P2P Active
PP240 Aperture Consulting Inc. P2P Active
PP735 Apex Elevator Consulting Inc. P2P Active
PP383 ARCADIS Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP458 Arcadis Professional Services (Canada) Inc. P2P Active
PP347 Argus Consulting Inc. P2P Active
PP333 Armtec Inc. P2P Active
PP816 Arsenal Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP496 Asher Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP060 Associated Engineering (BC) Ltd. P2P Active
PP665 Asterisk Engineering Corporation P2P Active
PP497 ATCO Electric Ltd. P2P Active
PP070 ATCO Electric Yukon P2P Active
PP144 AtkinsRealis Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP046 Atlantic Industries Limited P2P Active
PP925 Ausenco Engineering Canada ULC P2P Active
PP399 Ausenco Sustainability ULC. P2P Active
PP575 Avia NG Inc. P2P Active
PP749 Axis Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP488 B. Clarke Engineering P2P-SoleP Active
PP561 Bambrough and Associates Inc. P2P Active
PP450 Barr Engineering Ltd P2P Active
PP589 BBA Engineering LTD. P2P Active
PP085 Behlen Industries LP P2P Active
PP324 Belisle Civil Consulting Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP867 Bench Electrical Engineering Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP893 BESTECH Canada Limited P2P Active
PP092 BGC Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP411 Blackwell Bowick Partnership Ltd. o/a Blackwell Structural Engineers P2P Active
PP134 Bluescope Buildings North America Inc. P2P Active
PP390 Blumetric Environmental Inc. P2P Active
PP884 BMAC Technologies and Consulting Inc. P2P Active
PP006 Bob Baxter P2P-SoleP Active
PP335 Boge & Boge (1980) Ltd. P2P Active
PP272 Boreal Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP902 Bouthillette Parizeau Inc. P2P Active
PP786 Brad Young & Associates, Inc. P2P Active
PP531 Bradley Engineering P2P-SoleP Active
PP042 Brytex Building Systems Inc. P2P Active
PP725 Building Systems Consulting Inc. P2P Active
PP601 Building Systems Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP731 Burns & McDonnell Canada Ltd. P2P Active
PP191 Bush, Bohlman & Partners P2P Active
PP709 Bycar Engineering Limited P2P Active
PP235 Canam Group Inc. P2P Active
PP904 Candor Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP693 Canmec Industrial Inc. P2P Active
PP212 Catch Engineering Corporation P2P Active
PP719 Cavvy Structural Engineering P2P-SoleP Active
PP915 Cementation Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP370 CEP Forensic Inc. P2P Active
PP153 CH2M HILL Canada Limited P2P Active
PP093 Challenger Geomatics Ltd. P2P Active
PP025 Chilkoot Geological Engineers Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP194 Chimax Inc. P2P Active
PP155 Chiu Hippmann Engineering Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP651 CIMA Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP067 City of Whitehorse P2P Active
PP145 Civelec Consultants Inc. P2P Active
PP514 Claude Maille, Ing P2P-SoleP Active
PP424 Clean Energy Consulting Inc. P2P Active
PP720 Clifton Engineering Group Inc. P2P Active
PP896 Coast to Coast Engineering Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP830 Cobalt Construction Inc. P2P Active
PP825 Colm Engineering Ltd P2P Active
PP851 Complete Crossings Inc. P2P Active
PP193 Concentric Associates International Incorporated P2P Active
PP752 Concept Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP207 Consultants SteelSSALG P2P Active
PP770 Copperbelt Engineering Ltd P2P Active
PP762 Core Geoscience Services Inc. P2P Active
PP435 Corrpro Canada, Inc. P2P Active
PP378 COWI North America Ltd. P2P Active
PP697 CR Engineering Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP449 Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd. P2P Active
PP136 CTM Design Services Ltd. P2P Active
PP610 CVL Engineers Inc. P2P Active
PP020 CWMM Consulting Engineers Ltd. P2P Active
PP635 D.E.S. Engineering Limited P2P Active
PP667 D.K. Bowins and Associates Inc. P2P Active
PP543 D'Aronco Pineau Hebert Varin Inc. P2P Active
PP853 Dave Bernardin Consulting Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP840 David Morissette, P.Eng. P2P-SoleP Active
PP047 David Nairne and Associates Ltd. P2P Active
7910 DC Environmental Solutions Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP611 DEI Consulting Engineers Inc. P2P Active
PP100 Dell Engineering Services P2P-SoleP Active
PP666 Delta T Consultants Ltd. P2P Active
PP829 Delve Underground Consulting Canada ULC P2P Active
PP526 Design Works Engineering & Inspection P2P Active
PP283 DGH Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP481 DIALOG BC Architecture Engineering Interior Design Planning Inc. P2P Active
PP549 DJ&T Engineering Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP873 DJA Engineering Services Inc. P2P Active
PP101 DMD & Associates Electrical Consultants Ltd. P2P Active
PP002 Donald W. Flinn Professional Corporation P2P-SoleP Active
PP310 Dopplemayer Canada Ltd. P2P Active
PP001 Dorward Engineering Services Ltd. P2P Active
PP743 Driftstone Consulting Inc. P2P Active
PP745 DSW Structural Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP673 DT Engineers Ltd. P2P Active
PP356 Dumas Contracting Ltd. c/o Anthony Linton P2P Active
PP820 Dune Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP802 DWB Consulting Services Ltd. P2P Active
PP606 DXB Projects Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP572 E&S Mechanical Ltd. P2P Active
PP741 Eaton Industries (Canada) Company P2P Active
PP617 ECCOM Consulting Inc. P2P Active
PP586 Eclipse Engineering, P.C. P2P Active
PP706 Ecora Engineering & Environmental Ltd. P2P Active
PP862 Eleqron Inc. P2P Active
PP016 Ellard-Willson Engineering Ltd P2P Active
PP881 Embo Technical Services Limited P2P-SoleP Active
PP715 Emerson Engineering Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP729 ENEFEN Energy Efficiency Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP724 EnFlux Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP877 Engineering Edge Associates Inc. P2P Active
PP292 EnGlobe Corp. P2P Active
PP147 Ennova Structural Engineers Inc. P2P Active
PP416 Ensero Solutions Canada, Inc. DBA Ensero Solutions P2P Active
PP465 Entech Mining Ltd. P2P Active
PP663 Entuitive Corporation P2P Active
PP855 EPro Consultants Ltd. P2P Active
PP694 ERM Consultants Canada Ltd. P2P Active
PP490 ERP Engineering P2P-SoleP Active
PP675 Etienne Tardif P2P-SoleP Active
PP387 Exp Services Inc. P2P Active
PP879 Extell Industrial Service Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP927 Extropic Energy Inc. P2P Active
PP049 F.A. Roberts and Associates Ltd. P2P Active
PP116 Falcon Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP037 Fast & Epp Structural Engineers Inc. P2P Active
PP242 Finning (Canada) P2P Active
PP510 Firetower Engineered Timber, Inc. P2P Active
PP806 FNX-Innov Inc. P2P Active
PP833 Formula Contractors Ltd. P2P Active
PP626 Forte Dynamics, Inc. P2P Active
PP908 FPS Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP827 FST Engineering, PLLC P2P Active
PP524 Future Proof My Building Consulting Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP058 Future Steel Buildings Int Corp P2P Active
PP278 G. M. Horel Engineering Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP592 G.L. Smith Planning & Design Inc. P2P Active
PP769 Garaventa (Canada) Ltd. P2P Active
PP327 GECAN, a Division of Canadian Road Builders Inc P2P Active
PP468 General Machine Corp. P.C. P2P-SoleP Active
PP560 Genmark Engineering & Management Ltd. P2P Active
PP443 GEO Stabilization International, Inc P2P Active
PP778 Geologic Associates, Inc. P2P Active
PP221 GeoPacific Consultants Ltd. P2P Active
PP428 GHL Consultants Ltd. P2P Active
PP799 Golden Empire MFG, Inc. P2P Active
PP727 GoliathTech Inc. P2P Active
PP737 GP Technologies Ltd P2P Active
PP792 Grade Consulting Inc. P2P Active
PP647 Green Cat Renewables Canada Corporation P2P Active
PP467 Grit Engineering Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP576 Ground Reflections Electromagnetic Systems and Engineering P2P-SoleP Active
PP440 Grubb Engineering Corporation P2P Active
PP834 Gunn Consultants Inc. P2P Active
PP676 Gygax Engineering Associates Ltd. P2P Active
PP609 Haiyin Consulting P2P-SoleP Active
PP391 Hammerschlag & Joffe Inc. P2P Active
PP636 Hardline Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP154 Hatch P2P Active
PP716 HD Engineering Services Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP785 Headwater Engineering Ltd P2P Active
PP688 Helical Pile Solutions Ltd. P2P Active
PP354 Herold Engineering Limited P2P Active
PP551 Higginson Consulting Ltd. P2P Active
PP562 High Grade Mining Consulting Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP603 Hiland Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP564 Inkpen Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP573 Innovative Fall Protection Inc. P2P Active
PP525 Integrated Sustainability Consultants Ltd. P2P Active
PP903 Interlock Energy Ltd. P2P Active
PP250 Introba Canada LLP P2P Active
PP279 ISL Engineering and Land Services P2P Active
PP131 J.P Pinard Consulting Engineer P2P-SoleP Active
PP244 J.R. MacKenzie, P.Eng P2P-SoleP Active
PP053 J.R. Paine & Associates Ltd. P2P Active
PP210 J.R. Spronken & Associates Ltd. P2P Active
PP739 J.S. Held ULC P2P Active
PP733 Jacobs Consultancy Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP648 JB Steel Buildings, Ltd. P2P Active
PP358 JDS Energy & Mining Inc. P2P Active
PP337 Jenmar Compressors Inc. P2P Active
PP209 Jensen Hughes Consulting Canada Ltd. P2P Active
PP906 JN&G Consulting Services Ltd. P2P Active
PP910 KB Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP823 Keiwit Engineering Group Canada ULC P2P Active
PP274 Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. P2P Active
PP669 Keystone Environmental Ltd. P2P Active
PP734 Keystone Structures Ltd P2P-SoleP Active
PP607 KGM Engineering Corporation P2P Active
PP205 KGS Group P2P Active
PP686 Kitalpha Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP807 KJW Engineering Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP140 Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd. P2P Active
PP477 Klondike Crane Inspection Ltd. P2P Active
PP895 Klondike Welding Limited P2P Active
PP156 Knight Piesold Ltd. P2P Active
PP914 Kova Engineering (Saskatchewan) Ltd. P2P Active
PP036 Kova Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP476 Koziak Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP631 KPFF, Inc. P2P Active
PP861 L&M Engineering Limited P2P Active
PP619 Lanmark Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP359 Larson Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP771 Lauren Services P2P Active
PP907 Lavergne Draward & Associates Inc. P2P Active
PP340 Laviolette Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP891 Leekor Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP061 Liard Engineering and Management P2P-SoleP Active
PP742 Linkan Engineering Canada ULC P2P Active
PP824 LMDG Building Code Consultants Ltd. P2P Active
PP400 London Mah & Associates, Ltd. P2P Active
PP547 Lorax Environmental Services Ltd. P2P Active
PP299 M.A. O'Kane Consultants Inc. P2P Active
PP174 M3 Engineering & Technology Corp. P2P Active
PP350 M3 Engineering Canada Ltd. P2P Active
PP707 M3 Mechanical Consultants Inc. P2P Active
PP901 March Consulting Associates Inc. P2P Active
PP800 Marcon Metalfab Inc. P2P Active
PP857 Martinson Golly Ltd. P2P Active
PP620 Maskwa Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP809 Matakana Scaffolding BC, Inc. P2P Active
PP499 Matrix Solutions Inc. P2P Active
PP837 Maurer Structural Protection Systems Canada Ltd. P2P Active
PP013 Maven Consulting Limited DBA Yukon Engineering Services, Inc P2P Active
PP643 McCuaig & Associates Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP404 McCue Environmental Contracting Inc. P2P Active
PP056 McElhanney Ltd. P2P Active
PP633 MCW Consultants Ltd, O/A MCW Hemisphere Ltd, MWC/AGE Consultants, MCW Maricor P2P Active
PP926 Meridian Manufacturing Inc. P2P Active
PP516 Metro Testing & Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP714 METSCO Energy Solutions Inc. P2P Active
PP580 Midgard Consulting Incorporated P2P Active
PP757 Mining & Environmental Services LLC dba MES Mining P2P Active
PP152 Mitek Canada, Inc. P2P Active
PP081 Morrison Hershfield Limited P2P Active
PP508 Morrow Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP385 MTE Consultants Inc. P2P Active
PP452 MTSE Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP856 Mulvey & Banani International Inc. P2P Active
PP746 Myrtha Pools USA P2P Active
PP005 N.A. Jacobsen P.Eng. Civil Engineering Consultant P2P-SoleP Active
PP808 Nabatech Consultants Inc. P2P Active
PP852 Nasittuq Corporation P2P Active
PP790 Naviq Consulting Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP655 NCsquared Engineering Services Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP821 Nemetz (S/A) & Associates Ltd. P2P Active
PP132 New Era Engineering Corp P2P-SoleP Active
PP584 NewFields Canada Mining & Environment ULC P2P Active
PP803 Nikoteck Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP521 Norden Energy Inc. P2P Active
PP869 Noresca Inc. P2P Active
PP911 Nortech Advanced N.D.T. Ltd. P2P Active
PP014 Northern Climate Engineering P2P Active
PP277 Northland Earth & Water Consulting Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP043 Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd. P2P Active
PP203 Northwestel Inc. P2P Active
PP865 Notch1 Management Ltd. P2P Active
PP018 Nova3 Engineering Ltd P2P Active
PP793 Novota Engineering Ltd P2P-SoleP Active
PP812 Novtech Canada Limited P2P Active
PP366 Nowak Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP202 Nucor Building Systems - Utah, LLC P2P Active
PP629 nVent Thermal Canada Ltd. P2P Active
PP928 Oak Forensic Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP430 ONEC Construction Inc. P2P Active
PP307 Onsite Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP219 Orbis Engineering Field Services Ltd. P2P Active
PP587 ORTHOSHOP Geomatics Ltd. o/a OGL Engineering P2P Active
PP441 Outfront Portable Solutions P2P Active
PP787 Ovis Engineering P2P-SoleP Active
PP883 Parhelion Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP854 Pario Engineering & Environmental Sciences LP P2P Active
PP763 ParklandGEO Ltd. P2P Active
PP072 Parsons Inc. P2P Active
PP913 Paterson & Cooke Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP775 Permacorp Group of Companies Inc. P2P Active
PP783 Peter Kiewit Sons ULC P2P Active
PP695 Phasor Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP457 Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP109 PND Engineers, Inc. P2P Active
PP890 Pontem Consulting Group Ltd. P2P Active
PP645 Poon McKenzie Architects (Alberta) Inc. o/a NORR Architects Engineers Planners P2P Active
PP128 Pottinger Gaherty Environmental Consultants Ltd. P2P Active
PP846 Priestly Demolition Inc. P2P Active
PP776 Primary Engineering and Construction Corporation P2P Active
PP379 Prism Engineering Limited P2P Active
PP796 PS Technologies Inc. P2P Active
PP684 Qualimet Inc. P2P Active
PP732 Quasar Consulting Group Inc. P2P Active
PP568 R. Radloff & Associates Ltd. P2P Active
PP220 R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited P2P Active
PP764 RB Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP722 RCH Consulting Ltd. P2P Active
PP625 RDH Building Science Inc. P2P Active
PP254 RDStolz Engineering LLC P2P Active
PP057 Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. P2P Active
PP859 Red Pelican Building Science Ltd. P2P Active
PP329 REEL COH Inc. P2P Active
PP487 Rees NDT Inspection Services 2008 Ltd. P2P Active
PP213 Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. P2P Active
PP814 Remedy Engineering P2P Active
PP535 ReNu Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP847 Republic Architecture Inc. P2P Active
PP401 RGA Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP463 Rimkus Consulting Group Canada Inc. d/b/a IRC Building Sciences Group Inc. P2P Active
PP822 Rising Edge Technologies (Eng.) Ltd P2P Active
PP866 Robert E. Dale Limited P2P Active
PP418 Rocky Point Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP899 Rotaflow Controls Inc. P2P Active
PP578 Roundtable Engineering Solutions, LLC P2P Active
PP461 RRD International LLC P2P Active
PP623 Safe Roads Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP772 Savaria Concord Lifts Inc. P2P Active
PP451 Schneider Electric Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP365 Scouten & Associates Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP226 SD Tower Consulting LTD. P2P Active
PP781 Senez Consulting Ltd. P2P Active
PP614 SES Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP681 Setplan Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP858 SG Arch Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP360 SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd. P2P Active
PP290 Smith and Andersen Consulting Engineering P2P Active
PP088 SMP Engineering P2P Active
PP291 SMS Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP718 Solucore Inc. P2P Active
PP897 Solvest Inc. P2P Active
PP794 Sperling Hansen Associates Inc. P2P Active
PP894 SPH Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP019 SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. P2P Active
PP315 Stantec Architecture Ltd. P2P Active
PP052 Stantec Consulting Ltd. P2P Active
PP917 Steel Structures Consulting Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP455 Steenhof Building Services Group P2P Active
PP149 Still Creek Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP671 StoneCroft Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP413 Stratum Logics Inc. P2P Active
PP849 Streamline Fire Protection P2P Active
PP777 Streamworks Consulting Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP397 Structural Enginuity Inc. P2P Active
PP482 Struthers Technical Solutions Ltd. P2P Active
PP255 Sunward Consolidated Group P2P Active
PP815 Synergy Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP708 T & Z Consulting Services, LLC P2P-SoleP Active
PP755 Tacoma Engineers Inc. P2P Active
PP604 TAG Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP699 Taifa Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP795 Tairec Fire Consulting Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP555 Tamarack Grove Engineering, PLLC P2P Active
PP826 Team Power Solutions P2P Active
PP659 Teck Resources Limited P2P Active
PP197 TEP Engineering Canada, ULC P2P Active
PP517 Terra Water Systems Inc. P2P Active
PP321 Terratech Consulting Ltd. P2P Active
PP003 Tetra Tech Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP273 The AME Consulting Group P2P Active
PP454 Thurber Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP760 Thyssen Mining Construction of Canada Ltd. P2P Active
PP797 Timber Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP512 Tintina Engineering and Civil Consulting P2P-SoleP Active
PP780 TL Communications Solutions Ltd. P2P Active
PP216 Tomecek Roney Little & Associates Ltd. P2P Active
PP658 Toromont Industries Ltd. o/a Cimco Refrigeration P2P Active
PP353 Total North Communications Ltd. P2P Active
PP751 Tourand Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP059 Tower Engineering Group P2P Active
PP889 Trapline Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP417 TREK Geotechnical P2P Active
PP552 Trevitech Consulting Ltd. P2P Active
PP054 Triodetic P2P Active
PP898 TRIUM Environmental Inc. P2P Active
PP305 Trylon TSF Inc. P2P Active
PP491 Turris Corp. P2P Active
PP073 TWS Engineering P2P Active
PP032 Underhill Geomatics Ltd. P2P Active
PP848 Uphill Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP312 Urban Systems Ltd. P2P Active
PP713 Van Ee Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP169 Varcon Inc. P2P Active
PP768 VDZ+A Consulting Inc. P2P Active
PP839 Vector Structural Engineering, LLC P2P Active
PP051 Venture Engineering Consultants Ltd. P2P Active
PP805 Vet's Sheet Metal Ltd. P2P Active
PP233 Vic West P2P Active
PP680 Victoria Gold (Yukon) Corp. P2P Active
PP502 Vincent Gagnon P2P-SoleP Active
PP810 Virag H. Bhachech P2P-SoleP Active
PP082 Vista Tek Ltd. P2P-SoleP Active
PP530 Vulcraft Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP295 W.N Brazier Associates Inc. P2P-SoleP Active
PP813 WA Enterprises Lrd. o/a Western Archrib P2P Active
PP905 Water Tectonics Inc. P2P Active
PP339 Watt Consulting Group Ltd. P2P Active
PP653 Wedler Engineering LLP P2P Active
PP022 Weiler Smith Bowers Consulting Structural Engineers P2P Active
PP892 Westernbee Associate Engineering Services Ltd. P2P Active
PP841 Westgate Controls Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP034 Westower Communications Ltd. P2P Active
PP756 Westview Engineering Ltd. P2P Active
PP574 WF Steel & Crane Ltd. P2P Active
PP206 Williams Engineering Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP548 Wilson Engineering, PLLC P2P-SoleP Active
PP690 Witzel Dyce Engineering Inc. P2P Active
PP475 Wood Research and Development (Canada) Inc. P2P Active
PP498 Worley Canada ULC P2P Active
PP912 WSP Applied Solutions Inc./ WSP Solutions Appliqu�es Inc. P2P Active
PP150 WSP Canada Inc. P2P Active
PP130 WSP E&I Canada Limited P2P Active
PP444 XRS Engineered Solutions Inc. P2P Active
PP084 Yukon Energy Corporation P2P Active

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