Engineers Yukon

Engineers Yukon is a self-governing body of Professional Engineers that regulates and governs the engineering profession in Yukon.

This is achieved by setting and maintaining high academic, experience and professional practice standards for all members.

Only individuals licensed by Engineers Yukon are permitted by law to undertake and assume responsibility for engineering projects in Yukon.

Important Announcements

Engineers Yukon Education Award

The deadline for applications is August 31. Download the application form here. For more information, visit our Engineers Yukon Education Award page or download a printable version of the requirements here.

2017 Annual General Meeting

The next Annual General Meeting of Engineers Yukon will be February 15, 2017.

APEY Changes Its Name

Exciting News! As of this month, The Association has officially changed its working name from The Association of Professional Engineers of Yukon to Engineers Yukon.

The Association is pleased with the new name which is both easier to say and recognize for both members and the general public. While the previous name was commonly shortened to APEY, the new name will remain as the two words most distinctive to the Association with no acronym attached.

As the previous logo incorporated the old name, a change in visual identity, including the Association’s logo, has occurred as well. Many of Canada’s other Professional Engineering and Geoscientist Associations have made similar changes to their operational names and overall branding in recent years.

For full details please read the news release

Rod Savoie, P.Eng.

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